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Experience Design 
we construct environments that give value to the brand/public interactions and create unique  experiences through sound and design

Sonic User Experience
we produce sound and voice tools to improve the user experience and make it more accessible and effective

Immersive Soundscapes
we design immersive environments and installations for the brand to be experienced with all senses and, at the same time,  making them more accessible

Music & Sound Design
we create sounds and music that make the brand spaces recognizable, that stimulate more empathic relationships and represent the brand's world
Sound Identity & Audio Branding
we design sonic brand identities that translate the visual brand into a multi-sensorial one. To make the brand audible even when it is not visible

Soundtracks for Films & Ads
we create soundtracks that stimulate emotions to make the product and its experience memorable and highly recognizable

Physical Branding
we plan spaces to communicate the brand imagery and values not only through visuals, but also through the strategic use of sound and multi-sensorial stimuli

3D Audio Storytelling & Podcasts 
we lay out experiential narratives to tell your brand stories in a more sensorial and appealing way through 3D Audio technologies
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